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Jin Di Sheng Co., Ltd.

JDS established in 2011 and is specialty on the opto-mechatronics, precision part and customize CNC machine. As nano technology edge, our precision skills and knowledge is important key success factors in manufacturing industry.

Depending on your needs, we support Business Scope:

  • Ultra-precision optical and electrical product design and manufacturing applications
  • Ultra-precision mold design and processing (precision injection / stamping molding)
  • precision fixtures design and processing
  • Optical and electrical machine design and manufacture of automated control
  • Trading of various products trade

We are committed to the continuous learning and development of all staff to enable them to develop individual skills in order to work effectively under our quality system. Quality of the production processes and products are continuously improved via the mean of utilizing quality staff, internal audit, corrective and preventive action. A production performance index is set up annually and the progression of the index is constantly followed up by the management team.

We are also committed to deliver the highest value to meet our customer ultimate satisfaction via the mean of International Quality System Standard. Our QA/QC team focuses in the best industry standard. All unique and ad-hoc requirements will be met by our results-driven team via a thorough understanding of the business coupled with the liability to complete the job within the agreed time frame. This team, led by experienced local & international experts in their respective engineering/manufacturing field, works closely with their clients to provide value added services and solutions to their exacting standards and requirements.

As our client, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors by benefiting from our innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing technology which brings a solid track record in terms of consistent product quality, reliable automated solutions and proven capabilities to meet even the most challenging engineering requirements as demonstrated by its strong foothold in the Optics sector.

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